Ozmandroomunculus - Poster“By no means,” said a certain gentleman diabolist, “is the film an adaptation of the book whose title it dimly recalls, but rather what amounts to something of a cinematic appendage—or tentacle, if you will—unfurled from the innermost fane of the text in question to probe the psychosphere for minds more attuned to images and music than to words, therein to proclaim itself ‘an artist’s meditation on the nature of creativity,’ or, even more pretentiously (though no less sincerely), ‘a performative depiction of the mysterious process whereby all works of the imagination conjure themselves into being.’”


  • Written and Directed by Robin Spriggs
  • Photographed and Edited by Kelly O’Neal
  • Scored and Soundscaped by Klimchak
  • Introducing Ada le Fay as “Scucca”
  • Synopsis: A gentleman diabolist and his hirsute familiar perform an unspeakable rite.
  • Tagline: Stranger than the sum of its parts.
  • Running Time: 7 minutes
  • Production Company: Mean Mama Dog
  • Status: Post-production

“Would-Be Selves”

Come along, my would-be selves, and let us live a life, if for no other reason than to say, when it is over, that we did.

Think of all the loves and hates we will temporarily adopt, all the troubles and delights we will foster into being, all the laughter and the tears we will cause and quell alike, the days we will wake to and waste, the nights we will dream in and forget, the children we will make and mar, the parents we will thrill and bury, and all the silly things we will wear along the way, the hairstyles and habiliments, the passions and opinions, the banners and boredoms and outrageous beliefs. How mad it all will be. How mad and miraculous and not to be missed.

So come along, my would-be selves, and let us live a life, if for no other reason than to say, when it is over: “How ridiculous and wonderful it was.”


Painting (“The Intrigue”) by James Ensor, 1890

A Blog by Any Other Name

Be it known from the outset that I don’t consider this a blog in the usual sense of the term, i.e., a thing that demands my attention (and words) on a daily, or even weekly, basis. What little of value I have to say usually takes the form of stories and poems and goes forth into the world via books and other genera of publisher-vetted media. That said, a few stray thoughts and ill-considered oddments will no doubt appear herein upon occasion, along with “important” announcements of my various undertakings.

Additionally, any curious souls who have questions about my work that they would like to see addressed in this thing that is not a blog are invited to submit them via the contact form. If time and the Daemon allow, I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for reading, friends.