Join “The Dance” in the Latest Issue of “Lovecraft eZINE”

Lovecraft eZineQuite a few readers (and bless their hearts for caring) have complained that none of my work is available in electronic format.  This news is for them.

“The Dance”—one of my little prose poems/nano fables/micro tales—awaits your perusal in issue #22 of the always stellar Lovecraft eZineaccompanied by a delightfully macabre illustration from a certain Nick “The Hat” Gucker.

Edited by Mike Davis, this issue of Lovecraft eZine also includes stories by Samantha Henderson, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Don Webb, Joe Nazare, David Conyers and John Goodrich, as well as art by Steve Santiago, Adam Baker, Robert Elrod, and Dominic Black.

And for those who prefer listening to reading, an audio edition of the entire issue—elocuted by Chaz Engan, Morgan Scorpion, Vincent LaRosa, Lou Columbus, and David Binks—is available directly from Lovecraft eZine.

Thanks for reading, friends.