“Spriggs evokes terror and awe . . . in this dazzling anti-story, a love letter to the weird.”

Publishers Weekly

“A hard-to-describe yet highly entertaining compilation, The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom is an experience weird fiction fans should not pass up.”

—Rue Morgue

“Fanciful, sly, and always brilliant, author Robin Spriggs evokes a splendid world of eccentric darkness that is his and his alone.”

—J. L. Comeau, Tomb of Dark Delights

“Lush, evocative, and darkly delightful.”

—Jonathan Maberry, New York Times best-selling and multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author

“Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist is a compelling exhibition of the disquieting and perverse. Spriggs has scribed a masterful occult grimoire for this Brave New World, and perhaps the one after—a dark and bloody anti-gospel.”

 —Laird Barron, recipient of the Shirley Jackson Award, author of The Croning and Occultation

“Robin Spriggs’s Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist is a volume to be read judiciously, the way one sorts through a trunk discovered in a sinister attic. Do so, and you will store up sufficient material for thought, wonder, and reverie to last for years.”

—Fred Chappell, recipient of the T. S. Eliot Prize, the Bollingen Prize in Poetry, and the Prix de Meilleur des Livres Etrangers

“[Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist] is a rather ingenious little grimoire charting—in fractured, dreamlike form—the trip of a seeker, someone who dives head first into the fevered realms of black magic and beyond, encountering all manner of arcane horror and supernatural phenomena.”


“I wholeheartedly recommend this little book filled with wonder.”

Famous Monsters of Filmland

“. . . a literary shape-shifter . . . taking you atmospherically and stylistically down a number of different paths.”

—Phil Hickes,

“Robin Spriggs’s new collection of prose poems, Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist, whirls toward the indefinable. Prose poetry itself seems like an odd and engaging anachronism, and the effect is doubled when it is used as a genre-bending skeleton for Spriggs’s strange and macabre content. This ambiguity and ethereal charm mark him as a flexible practitioner of the truly unknown and truly fearful. Some stories read as occult rites, while others make painfully truthful observations about existence. Yet, most of these prose poems are self-contained tales that resonate deeply with the inexplicable imagery and otherworldly vistas common to weird fiction’s best.”

Grim Reviews

“Scary, outrageous, blackly humorous and wildly entertaining, these prose poems are sharp and wicked as a sorcerer’s dagger. The genius of these poems is the unsettling mixture of emotions each piece evokes, dwelling as they do in a strange nether-region of the psyche. As a whole, the collection reads like a strangely sane madman’s grimoire, notes on a bizarre universe that is eminently recognizable yet completely alien. Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist keeps the reader pleasantly off-balance and entirely engaged from first page to last.”

—J. L. Comeau, Tomb of Dark Delights

“Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist is a twisted piece of work that evokes the full spectrum of emotions in the reader. Robin Spriggs skillfully leads you along a path that is often not taken—perhaps for good reason, as it is a dangerous one to tread. But there is no need to fear with Mr. Spriggs as your leader. This eloquently written and devilishly charming book surprised me again and again, as I absorbed each poem and contemplated what they meant to me. When I got to the end, I wanted to read it again . . . and I did.”

She Never Slept

“Spriggs displays a wide range of talents in both form and substance. He’s equally comfortable in the short story, short-short and novella lengths. His tone varies from the gently whimsical to the truly nasty. He crosses genre lines with ease, showing strength in all forms of the fantastic, from horror to fantasy to science fiction. The book is aptly titled; every story is strange and all are suffused with a childlike sense of wonder.”

 —Garrett Peck, Cemetery Dance

“Wondrous Strange is strangely wonderful! Spriggs’s style is filled with elegance, literary wit, and uncanny dread. His work builds to an inescapable climax that eschews the happy endings in the work of lesser fantasists. Although no stranger to shock and splat, Spriggs has a knack for writing soft horror with a hard-edged bite that always sneaks up on you. I enjoy the frisson of his endings immensely.”

 —Michael A. Arnzen, Bram Stoker-award-winning author of Grave Markings

“Robin Spriggs is a master wordsmith; startling imagination, capable of endlessly defying a reader’s expectations, style, charm, a wizard of form and literature! Every lover of The Weird and poetry, ***NEEDS*** his collection, Diary of a Gentleman Diabolist! !!”

—Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., author of Sin & Ashes and Blood Will Have Its Season

“Visionary settings, unusual story twists, quirky mixtures of horror and fantasy, plus a chance to see the world through the eyes of a variety of monsters. ”

 —Kristy Dark, Twilight Showcase

“25 tales of terror and mayhem that are guaranteed to please horror aficionados of every stripe. From short, sharp shocks to elegant tales of haunted madness. . . . Tomb Keeper’s highest recommendation.”

 —J. L. Comeau (The Tomb Keeper), Tomb of Dark Delights

Wondrous Strange is wondrous! Robin Spriggs writes with a pulp-era sense of discovery and awe. To read his stories is to believe that mystical, magical, wonderful things wait around every corner. The world is not the place you thought it to be, but someplace much more dangerous and fascinating, someplace that could only be described through the eyes of characters crafted by a writer as gifted as Spriggs.”

 —Brian A. Hopkins, Bram Stoker Award-winning author

“Wondrous Strange is fantastic. Spriggs’s stories are rich with the minerals of childhood terrors and adult fears mined in the depths where only horror legends such as Ray Bradbury have been spelunking. But make no mistake, Spriggs’s style is his very own and shows the signs of a true master of fright . . . and wonder.”

 —Bruce Ballon, author of Unseen Masters

“Spriggs is a talented, dextrous spinner of tales.”

 —Hank Wagner, Hellnotes

“Spriggs writes from a heart filled with irony, which fills his fiction with moments of dark humor and cutting horror. His characters, with their quirks and skewed visions, are as real and true as your next-door neighbor. Read him if you want to know what’s really going on behind those closed doors, those pulled-down shades. Read him if you need to know where the next shot’s coming from, or where you might be heading. . . .”

 —Gerard Houarner, author of Painfreak and The Beast That Was Max

“Quirky mysteries, weirdo types, fabulous events, spooky dramas of varying length, but all high-quality genre/literary style. Steeped in lores of folk & movies, author mines gold from overlapping fringes of commonplace tropes.”

 —Dragon’s Breath: International Small Press Review

“A heart twister.”

 —Steven Sawicki, The Skeptic Tank

“Wondrous Strange is both wondrous and strange. The stories are haunting and hypnotic. They are quiet horror; the type of stories that gnaw at you long after you’ve put the book away. They are stories you won’t easily forget.”

 —Lisa Babick, Bella Online

“Robin Spriggs writes visions dark and light, creating epic, cosmic, and personal horror with which we can all connect.”

 —William D. Gagliani, The Chiaroscuro

“Robin Spriggs sometimes reminds you of early Ray Bradbury (“Mr. Aberystwyth And The Three Weird Sisters”) and then knocks you flat with something as dark as Joe R. Lansdale in a black mood (“Her And Him In The Cold Dark Underneath”). Spriggs is a genuine talent, gifted with an ability to be diverse and yet crisp and clear in any number of ways. I recommended him for a Stoker recently. Can’t wait to buy his first novel! Everyone who loves short stories in the horror, fantasy and dark fiction genres should buy this book.”

 —Harry Shannon, author of Bad Seed

“I relaxed and knew I was in the hands of someone who knew what they wanted to tell and how to tell it.”

 —Gene-Michael Higney, author of Shivers: Stories Cold and Dark

“A nifty, paranoid, end-of-the-world effort.”

 —Jim Lee, The Skeptic Tank

“A wonderful cobwebby creeper.”

 —Jim Lee, author of The Cage of Bones and Other Deadly Obsessions