Glimpses of Droom #1

Ozman Droom in

Ozman Droom in “Ozmandroomunculus”

“It turns Its eye, Its single eye, from dream to dream to dream, and spies in each a dream undreamt of tales as yet untold, of Monstrous Things that cannot be yet come to be withal, upon a whirling sphere of blue (inward grown and lost to time), where Then and Now, and Here and There, and You and It . . . are One.”—The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom

Win a Free Copy of My Latest Book

Ozman Droom - cover imageThe publisher has stealthily been running a weeklong (no hyphen necessary) Goodreads giveaway for an advance reading copy of my forthcoming book, The Untold Tales of Ozman Droom. Fittingly, it began on Walpurgisnacht. Today is the last day. As of this notice, nearly five hundred readers have entered to win. Are you among them?

Thanks for reading, friends.


You Say You Want a Revolution

RevolutionComing right up. NBC’S Revolution returns for the second half of season one on March 25, 2013. And a bit later—sometime in early May—be sure to watch for yours truly as  the decidedly unpleasant Captain Franco. The Monroe Republic is counting on you. And, yes, there will be a quiz.

“Would-Be Selves”

Come along, my would-be selves, and let us live a life, if for no other reason than to say, when it is over, that we did.

Think of all the loves and hates we will temporarily adopt, all the troubles and delights we will foster into being, all the laughter and the tears we will cause and quell alike, the days we will wake to and waste, the nights we will dream in and forget, the children we will make and mar, the parents we will thrill and bury, and all the silly things we will wear along the way, the hairstyles and habiliments, the passions and opinions, the banners and boredoms and outrageous beliefs. How mad it all will be. How mad and miraculous and not to be missed.

So come along, my would-be selves, and let us live a life, if for no other reason than to say, when it is over: “How ridiculous and wonderful it was.”


Painting (“The Intrigue”) by James Ensor, 1890